Starting & Scaling a Business with Sheena Allen

Originally Aired Tuesday, August 7, 2019

Without any technical background, Sheena designed her first app in Microsoft Word before finding a developer to partner with for the application. That app was the start her first tech start, Sheena Allen Apps. Since then, Sheena Allen Apps has scaled from 1 app to 5 apps (and counting) with millions of downloads.

Sheena Allen, founder and CEO of fintech company, CapWay and media tech company, Sheena Allen Apps, joined us for a discussion on how she has built her company over the years

Moderated by Ryan Wilson

Valence Black Superhero’s Summit

2019 State of the ATL(BLK)TCH

Originally Aired Wednesday, August 7th

Atlanta Black Tech ecosystem’s goal is to improve the quantity and quality of Africans/African-Americans in Metro Atlanta’s tech community. In this series, we partnered with ATL Black Tech to show how our community is performing relative to our potential while using other cities as a benchmark.