TGS Shadows is a 1 week program, offered quarterly to all employees of The Gathering Spot looking to expand their knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the company. Each department’s program will provide one on one training and department-specific insight into the company.



Open to any employee who meets the below qualifications:

 2+ months employed with TGS
Recommendation from Direct Manager
 No write-ups within past 2 months
Shows exceptional work ethic, attitude, and care for company
Employees may sign up for Shadows once per quarter

Private Events: After hosting over 5,000 events to date, the Private Events department of The Gathering Spot are experts in the industry. This Shadow program will immerse the team member in all steps required to properly execute a successful event. This team member will walk away from the program able to complete a BEO, floor chart, menu discussion, and with a full understanding of the Events Department.


Membership: Retaining, recruiting, and engaging over 2,000 members of the club is no simple task. Shadowing the Membership Department will shed light on the application review process, retention efforts to keep members excited about the club, and concierge management.


Marketing: Touching almost every aspect of the company, the Marketing Department maintains both external and internal marketing efforts. This Shadow Program will showcase social media, communications, member event production, and the strategies behind each.


Food & Beverage Management: The team member who particpates in the Shadow program will gain insight on scheduling, ordering, customer service, event exeecution, and restaurant standards.


Cullinary: Executing both private events and a bustling restaurant, this Shadow program will give in depth knowledge on line preparation, back of house policies, restaurant service and banquet preparation and execition.


Operations: With over 25,000 square feet and 24/7 service, operating the club is essential to the company’s success. The team member shadowing this department will attend walk throughs, vendor calls, and gain insight on managaing the Porter and Security teams.