Robert Williams, better known as Meek Mill, sits down with Business Insider to discuss his new financial venture with Lids, North America’s “largest retail seller of hats and licensed sports products.” 

New Season, New Titles 

The entertainer turned entrepreneur, and criminal justice advocate, takes on the title of corporate co-owner, applying his knowledge to Lids’ development. Williams will take on the company’s creative direction, curating strategy, and various means of fashionable application. Meek will also launch a limited-edition line of hats in August.

It’s who you know

Meek Mill’s relationship with Michael Rubin helped solidify his position with Lids. Rubin serves as the co-owner of the 76ers, “the executive chairman of the sports retailer Fanatics, and a co-founder of [Meek’s] Reform Alliance Foundation for criminal-justice reform” (Business Insider). The two gentlemen have worked side by side to generate profitable projects while combating the injustices of America’s prison system. The duo positively affects the moral of the urban community while taking charge of a cash flow sector where African Americans statistically spend most of their funds.

Head Honcho Hov

Meek admires the iconic display of talent and business acumen of Jay-Z, sourcing guidance, and inspiration from the Hip-Hop leader. Jay serves as Meek Mill’s “Roc Nation label boss” and collaborator and co-founder of the Reform Alliance Foundation. Jay is punctual, attentive, and aware of the intricacies of his business each day. With Hov working diligently alongside Meek, the Philadelphia native couldn’t help but honor the characteristics of honcho Hov and follow in his legendary footsteps.

The Boss Year

Meek coins this year his “boss year,” seeking ownership in a ton of passionate initiatives in an attempt to increase his income. Meek wants to relive the money making years he experienced during his prime rap career. He’s focussed on financial stability and a solid foundation, creating a luxurious lifestyle he’ll be able to maintain without a record on the radio. Meek believes in Lids and stands firmly behind the brand. He’s rocked fitted caps his whole life and, given his influence, thinks he can take the company to the next level. He acknowledges his leverage in the industry and is excited to further merge merch and Hip-Hop.

Free Meek

Not only is Meek spearheading the creative ingenuity behind Lids, he’s also prepping for the release of new music and an Amazon docuseries titled “Free Meek.” The Free Meek campaign echoed fiercely within communities throughout the country during Mill’s controversial trial in 2017. The docuseries will tackle the sinister approach to imprisonment and the “advocacy work” that took place after that (Business Insider). Mill hopes the film will “open your eyes and give you a taste of what’s going on in life.” The rapper/community leader is determined to expose “flaws in the system.” 

What we gathered:

Meek is ready to shed his hardcore persona, utilizing his ten years of industry experience to grow existing brands and implement new ways to make mula. Entering into the game at 23, the now 32-year-old is balancing studio time, the platinum success of “Championships,” and a burgeoning business career thanks to his billionaire boss. 

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Image Source: Ticket News