Community Rules

Guest Policy

Members are permitted to bring up to 3 guests at any time. Guests must sign in at the front listing the member that invited them. Members may not be separated from their guests. If a member would like to bring a larger group to the club, we ask members to call in advance to confirm that space is available and any necessary reservations are scheduled. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests follow all club rules and policies and can face suspension or termination of membership if their guests violate those rules.


Membership Access

The TGS mobile app is used to scan in at the check-in desk upon entry of the club. The QR scanner can be found on the “Member Card” tab of the TGS mobile app. 


Children & Minors

As The Gathering Spot is a place of business, children are not permitted in the workspace nor bar. Children are not permitted to be left unattended anywhere within the club. Members may dine with their children in the restaurant before 5 pm and for specified family-friendly events.



Please be mindful of other members working in the workspace when speaking on the phone or hosting meetings in open areas. Children are not permitted within the workspace as it is a professional environment.



While we do not believe in strict dress codes, we do ask that members and their guests respect other members who may be conducting business within the club and therefore dress accordingly. We welcome both blazers and blue jeans alike, however, sweatpants, shorts, flip flops, and tank tops are not permitted.


Private Offices & Conference Rooms

Private offices are free, first-come, first-serve, or may be reserved with complimentary same-day reservations. Conference rooms are by reservation only. Please reach out to our team to coordinate a room. Catering is available. Members are not permitted to leave their personal belongings in offices unattended. Unattended items left in offices or the open workspace will be held at the front desk for 24 hours.



We respectfully ask that members do not disclose or share information about the club or about other members without their permission. Members are prohibited from taking photos of, disturbing or soliciting others with whom they are not personally acquainted. Doing so may lead to suspension or termination of membership. Please report any violations to TGS staff.


Member Events

Members are permitted to bring guests to social events, such as happy hours, brunch, and for regular dining. Member-only events include panels, workshops, and limited seating events. Please make note that TGS offers events where guests are welcome as well as member-only events. Please view the event details regarding whether guests are allowed at the event.

No Show Policy

We host some amazing events for members of TGS and in order to accommodate as many members as possible, we rely on an accurate RSVP count through the mobile app. Members who do not cancel their reservation within 6 hours of an event and do not attend will be charged a $5 no-show fee.