The members-only business and social club will feature a restaurant, event and co-working spaces.

A new type of social experience is coming to D.C. this fall thanks to two entrepreneurs and graduates of Georgetown University.

Ryan Wilson and T.K. Petersen are now on the move with a business that is thriving in Atlanta. It’s called The Gathering Spot, and it is a members-only business and social club that creates space for innovators, entrepreneurs and other movers and shakers. The space is geared toward young professionals. When the club arrives to D.C. in the fall, it will feature a restaurant, event and co-working space.

Wilson and Petersen came up with the idea when they were students at Georgetown University. They tell WUSA9 it was tough finding places to get their work done.

“We always had trouble trying to access workspace,” Wilson said. ” We would work out of coffee shops and restaurants and we always got the tap on our shoulders, ‘hey you’ve been here too long,’ so we started researching a space that we could call our home.”

The Gathering Spot launched in 2016. Since then, the exclusive club has been booming. It is now grossing seven figures and garnering support from celebrity members like Rapper T.I. for expansion. D.C will be the club’s second location.

“What’s going to make this special is adding to the tapestry of D.C. culture,” Petersen said.

He said it is going to give people space to “cultivate and captivate” attention that help will people work and build together.

A specific date for The Gathering Spot’s D.C. opening has not been released yet.

It is invitation only.

If you’d like to request one, you do it here.

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