How These 27-Year-Old Entrepreneurs Are Disrupting The Coworking Industry

The coworking industry has exploded in recent years. Offering offices, conference rooms, and work spaces for individuals, this trend has caused companies like WeWork to experience record growth. Just yesterday it won a $4.4 billion investment for additional expansion.

While these spaces are incredibly useful in today’s workforce, they rarely are designed to meet the professional and social needs of members. Most coworking options are limited to desk space, WiFi, and maybe a coffee bar. And they are typically designed for the freelancer or small company that doesn’t want the ongoing burden of an expensive lease.

What’s missing in this space is something for freelancers, corporate leaders, entertainers, politicians, and anyone else looking for a central hub for their professional and social needs.

Ryan Wilson & TK Petersen, 27-year-old Georgetown grads turned entrepreneurs, saw this gap in the modern coworking movement. While in college, they often resorted to cafes or restaurants to work late at night. These spaces were limiting, and eventually they had an idea for a new kind of “city club.”

“We want to reimagine the city club experience for a new generation,” says Wilson. He’s referring to a membership club often found in downtown areas of larger cities. These clubs often serve as a networking opportunity, a place for executives to share ideas and business cards.

A place for community, not just coworking

What these young entrepreneurs wanted was a place that provided connection and community for members through work areas, event space, and restaurants.

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